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Virtual Terminal

Process payments, setup recurring transactions, send invoices, access reports, control batches and much more using our powerful virtual terminal. Managing your business is made easy using our online Virtual Terminal which provides 24/7 access to process payments anywhere you have an internet connection. 

What is a Virtual Terminal?

As a consumer we are accustomed to physical credit card terminals where you swipe or insert a card, but for a business owner a Virtual Terminal can be far more beneficial. The main difference is that a Virtual Terminal is accessed on the internet and does not require you to swipe a credit card. A business can benefit by having more options for how they batch, store and review information. Other features include the ability to setup recurring transactions, access to reports, invoicing, and digital receipts allowing a business the ability to operate more efficiently, improve security, and the customer experience.


24/7 Access from Anywhere

Wherever you have an internet connected device, you have access to your Virtual Terminal. At the office or on the go, your Virtual Terminal is at your fingertips.

Setup Recurring Transactions

Recurring credit card transactions are made easy using our Virtual Terminal. Simply setup the client and configure the payment schedule. Each time a scheduled payment runs you’ll receive a notification.

Take Control of Batches

With the Virtual Terminal you can easily schedule and manage your batches while accessing valuable reports to help with reconciliations.

Expedited Bookkeeping

Automatically generate batch, deposit, and cumulative reports rather than manually report preparation.

Tracking Capabilities

Track user activities and location transactions, configure users to customize permissions, and limit transaction/refund amounts. 

Securely Store Payment Info

We ensure the security of our Virtual Terminal allowing you the peace of mind and convenience of storing your clients payment information.

35+ Years of Experience Serving Businesses

Unity Payments is a leader in credit card processing for companies selling such products as CBD and/or Hemp among others. Our combined management team has over 35 years of experience providing merchant services to many industries including those considered high risk or emerging industries.

Our team has the experience and knowledge required to help our clients navigate the payment solutions industry and our reputation for excellence precedes us. You can trust our team to provide answers to your questions and the assistance you need to keep your business running smoothly. We offer transparency in an industry often seen as having smoke and mirrors to confuse consumers about what they are actually paying or should expect to pay in fees.



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