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Mobile Payments

Process payments on-the-go using one of the many dependable Mobile Payment solutions we offer. Our knowledgeable team consults with our clients to match you with the best solution for your needs. From mobile card terminals to cell phone adapter terminals, we will ensure your business has dependable merchant processing so you can accept credit and debit card payments for CBD sales whenever and wherever you need it.

How can Mobile Payment Solutions help my business?

In today’s business world convenience and flexibility can give you a competitive edge. We know that keeping up with technology can be challenging but with the help of our experienced team, we can help your business accept credit card payments at any time, anywhere. From local markets to large trade shows, being able to accept all credit and debit cards means your patrons can pay however they please. Studies show when someone can pay with a credit card they spend over 10% more than paying by cash. Never say no to a credit or debit card again with our Mobile Payment Solutions.


Mobile Device Terminals

Just plug into an internet-enabled device such as a cell phone or tablet and you’re ready to accept payments. Securely process payments anytime and anywhere.

Secure Payment Processing

Our PCI Compliant solutions are safe and secure allowing you the peace of mind to accept payments when and where you need to.

Easy to Use

It can be frustrating when your mobile credit card device is not easy to use or doesn’t work reliably. Our simple interface makes it easy to process cards.

OS Compatible

Our Mobile Payment Solutions are compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems. We also offer standalone mobile terminals.

A Leader in the Payments Industry for Over 10 Years

Unity Payments is a leader in credit card processing for companies selling CBD and/or Hemp products. As a subsidiary of Nuvo Company, we have over 10 years of experience providing merchant services to many industries including those considered high risk. 

Our team has the experience and knowledge required to help our clients navigate the payment solutions industry and our reputation for excellence precedes us. You can trust our team to provide answers to your questions and the assistance you need to keep your business running smoothly. We offer transparency in an industry often seen as having smoke and mirrors to confuse consumers about what they are actually paying in fees.



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